Nick Fradiani Won 'American Idol' Season 14 & He Certainly Got His "Moment Like This"

Knowing what we now know — that Wednesday's American Idol Season 14 finale — is the second to last Idol crowning we will ever witness, the outcome seems to carry just a little more weight. Winning so close to the end of the season adds a little more epicness, a little more magic to the victory, and while I'd give a lot of things to see Kelly Clarkson just win all over again, I'm pretty sure American Idol Season 14 winner Nick Fradiani is pretty pleased with his finale moment — even if I'm still not over Jax's shocking elimination and the subsequent dudes-only finale, but I'll keep it my attitude in check. I promise.

My gripes aside, really, either of these guys could have taken the crown: They can both sing the hell out of a song (hell, they kiiiiind of out-sang Patrick Stump during their collaborative Fall Out Boy performance of "Centuries" — sorry, FOB fans). What's interesting is that neither guy is totally radio ready: They're both rocking throwback styles, what with Clark's proclivity for soul classics by Stevie Wonder and James Brown and Nick's penchant for taking on the sounds of early 2000s rock. I'm not sure how either will find his home in the current pop music landscape, but if either succeeds, they wouldn't be the first to figure it that riddle post-Idol. Plus, they're both pretty darn cute, which never hurts.

And as far as big finale moments go, Nick's was pretty incredible. It bodes pretty well for some potential success, plus, look how happy he is:

But the pressure isn't just on the winner: Idol has a lot of pressure to try and keep up its reputation for finding artists who can be successful in the industry — even folks are successful on the Constantine Maroulis are a feather in the show's cap. And both finalists have some serious star power, so if they put in the work, Idol may even have two more successes on its hands.

You need proof? Just check out their coronation songs (I'm not always super into the talking thing Nick does in the middle of his songs, but people seem to like it, so who am I to complain?).

Here's hoping this isn't the last we hear of either Top 2 Season 14 singer.

Image: Michael Becker/Fox