Jax Is Eliminated in the 'American Idol' Finale & We're Still In Shock That She Won't Be Performing in the Final Two

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Seriously. The one thing that I never thought would happen on this show has actually happened. American Idol Season 8 front-runner, Jackie "Jax" Cole, 18, was eliminated on night one of the show's two night finale. Jax has coasted effortlessly through this season since her audition, and it's crazy to think she didn't make it to the final two. In attempts to soften the blow, Ryan Seacrest announced that the vote came down to an insane 0.4% difference — seriously, this just made the loss even more devastating. Jax was ousted by now finalists Clark Beckham, 22, and Nick Fradiani, 29. Though the two gentleman are extremely talented, it's still disappointing to see Jax go and I'm left wondering how this happened.

The one thing Jax has going for her is that she's young. This show has put her on the map and catapulted her career. She's been coached by Scott Borchetta, who put another blonde beauty (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*) on the map, and gotten guidance from a panel of superstar judges. There's no denying her career is just getting started — but it's still sad to see her go home.

Jax earned a reputation on American Idol as daring to be different while always staying true to herself. She was like a baby Lady Gaga and the fans seemed to love her — she even developed her own cult-like following known as the "Jax Pack." Her performances always exuded personality and she was never one to say "no" to a song just because it was different. Even the judges seemed to love this about her. Week after week they told her that this game was her to lose — and unfortunately, she lost it.

I'd really like to know who that .4% between. But since that information will probably never be revealed, we'll be left wondering and forced to choose a new winner. So, who's it going to be? Something tells me that Fradiani is going to pull a real underdog move here and steal the win — though Beckham is certainly still in this. Tonight's performances are really going to count. The guys are already bringing it — seriously, I've never seen either of them perform this well. It's going to be a fight to the finish and I can't wait to see what happens.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX