7 Times 'Friends' Rachel Green Perfectly Captured Your Post-College Self

Life after college is literally the worst. You're basically a unicorn if you find work in your field, you spend most nights eating raw Top Ramen because you're too underemployed to feel like cooking anything, and you basically have the emotional maturity of a drunk toddler. Too old to act like a child, too childish to figure out adulthood, and all you want is a midnight trip to the dining hall. Just before you give up, however, I suggest looking to the wisdom of Rachel Green on Friends. Because, let's be real, nothing captured the trials and tribulations of emerging adulthood better than Friends.

Everyone's fave '90s sitcom perfectly portrayed the time in your life when you're still figuring things out and making a ton of mistakes along the way, and none of the characters made more mistakes than fancy pants rich girl Rachel Green. Sure, Rachel was a well-employed mother with a loving boyfriend by the end, but, when we first met her, she was a hot, spoiled mess entering the work force for the first time in her entire life. Whether she was answering the door in a wedding dress or dressing up like a cheerleader to seduce her boyfriends, Rachel had a hard time becoming the put-together urban professional she was by the end.

For those of you losing hope that you'll make it out of such a troubling time, here are seven times Rachel Green perfectly captured the misery that is life after college. After all, she turned her life as a waitress into a thriving merchandising career for Ralph Lauren, and you can, too.

When She Flew To London To Declare Her Love For Ross, Ruined His Wedding, And Got A Terrible Braid


Oh, you just graduated college, did you? Was your major "Falling In Love With The Wrong Person At The Wrong Time" or did you just minor in it? Nice braid.

When She Didn't Know How To Do Laundry

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Surprise! You spent all that time studying the sociopolitical relationship between international commerce and the sharing economy, but, now that you're out in the real world, it turns out that you have no idea how to accomplish basic human tasks. Maybe you should have signed up for a "Home Ec" class somewhere in there...

When She Realized She Wasn't A Shoe


Kinda like how you realized several weeks after graduation that you didn't want to be a lawyer and you never really liked law in the first place!

When Ross Slept With Someone Else And She Had To Push Him Away


Your 20s is a weird time. Nobody knows how to treat themselves, let alone other people. When someone hurts you, though, you have to protect yourself. Tina Fey says that Oprah says you teach people how to treat you, and that's a direct paraphrase!

When Phoebe Lied To Her About The Plot Of Jane Eyre And She Believed Her


Let's face it, you're not exactly at your savviest right out of college. Remember that time you got talked in to selling knives?

When She Got Into A Fight With Monica


Roommates are a little different outside of the dorms, and they don't always bring out the best in you. Everyone's stressed out about money, there's no RA to settle major disputes, and, suddenly, things like "Who left toast crumbs on the butter" seem really, really important.

When She Got Her First Real Job


Not everything after college is failure and raindrops! At some point, something comes along to alleviate the agony of underemployment. You won't work at that coffee shop forever.

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