11 Reasons Why 'Gilmore Girls' Paris Geller Will Always Be My Life Hero

Has any TV character ever taken control of her life with as much determination and enthusiasm as Gilmore Girls' Paris Geller? I know every time I rewatch Gilmore Girls, Paris' drive makes me want to whip my own life into shape. Paris knew which college she wanted to go to when she was still in diapers. She ruthlessly took on every extracurricular school offered and always, always followed her own path. Her most enviable quality was definitely her wit. Who hasn't tried to pass a classic Paris comeback off as their own? (My favorite: "I am not your mother or your hugger.")

Paris was abrasive at times, and she did spend a fair amount of time in high school feeling lonely. Her life was not perfect, but she worked hard until it kind of was. By the end of the series, she had friends, a boyfriend who was perfectly suited to her razor sharp disposition, and a promising career ahead of her. Even when her life got a little bit out of control, Paris never let her goals slip out of sight. One big Harvard-inspired meltdown aside, Paris showed the universe who was boss at every turn. Here are 11 reasons Paris is the life hero we all need.

1. She Made Her Own Clique in High School

Paris understood the rules of high school enough to know everyone needs a posse. Her solution was to make her own. The backstory of how Paris drafted Madeline and Louise to be her high school best friends was never fully explored, but she always had two popular girls at her side, while still maintaining her position as the ringleader. Those are serious political skills, my friends.

2. She Lived Her Life Always Thinking About How it Would Look in Her Biography

Forget living life like every week is shark week. The best way to live life is knowing that you will be so awesome that someday other people will read your story, so you need to make your story as interesting as possible.

3. She Turned Her Chief Competition Into Her Best Friend

The most valuable people in life are the ones who challenge us. It took Paris some time to fully realize just how much having Rory in her life pushed her to be the best version of herself, but, once she did, Paris latched on to Rory and wore her down until they were best friends.

4. She Had No Time for Nonsense

Paris had better things to do with her time than answer rhetorical questions. Her complete disregard for forced niceties was refreshing. Who doesn't want to answer stupid questions with a biting comeback sometimes?

5. Hell Had No Fury Like Paris' Wrath When Someone Hurt Her Best Friend

No one escaped the wrath of Paris Geller, especially not a jerk who broke her friend's heart.

6. When it Came to Dating, Paris Never Played Games

Paris waited until her senior year of high school before she got into the dating game, but, once she did, she approached dating with the same no-nonsense manner she approached everything. She was unashamed of her sex life and took little flack from the men she dated. She also never let romantic relationships define her. To be as straightforward in matters of the heart as Paris was would be a gift.

7. She Ignored Social Norms

Paris lived her life exactly the way she wanted. Social norms of how a woman was supposed to be or what the college experience was supposed to be like were of no interest to her.

8. She Always Expressed Her Opinions, Even When They Were Controversial

Paris never let anyone force her to compromise her beliefs. When she had an opinion, she expressed it freely and unapologetically.

9. She Was a Feminist and Proud of It

Even in high school, Paris waved her feminist flag high.

10. She Learned From Her Mistakes

Paris was always secure in who she was, but she also left room for improvement. Every mistake she made ultimately became a learning experience. By the time the series was over, Paris had grown into an even more confident, more open version of herself.

11. When She Set Out to Do Something, She Did It

No item would ever go unchecked off the to-do list of Paris Geller's life. Isn't that the ultimate triumph?

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