Hilary Duff & Demi Lovato Made The Same Video

by Kelsie Gibson

In case any of us forgot, Hilary Duff has proven once again that she is a flawless pop princess with the release of Duff's new music video, "Sparks." Unlike some of her past videos, this one takes a bit of a documentary feel, as it follows Duff on her quest to get back in the dating game with the app Tinder. But what really grabs the audience's attention is the pieces of the video filled with vibrant colors from both her hair and outfits. Seriously, I am in love (or should I say obsessed) with Duff's lavender locks.

Duff's amazing dance skills also shouldn't go unnoticed throughout the video. Not only is the song super catchy, but Duff and her backup dancers make me want to get up right along with them and bust a move (I won't, but I'm just saying).

Watching the video, I couldn't help but think I had seen something like this before, and then it hit me. With all the vibrant colors and the amazing hairstyles, the music video has a shining resemblance to Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights." Now, obviously these two tracks (and their music videos) are completely different, but there are some striking similarities. Let's take a look!

Face Touching

Like, really though, lots of face touching throughout both of these videos.

Killer Lipstick

What shade of pink is this and where can I buy some of my own?

Fun Nail Art

Anyone else catching Duff's amazing nails in this video?

Back Up Dancers

Back up dancers aren't that uncommon with music videos, but I feel like it's rare that these girls ever have dancers.

Promoting Technology

Not only is Duff promoting Tinder, but Lovato is obviously promoting Samsung products in this video. The phones both feature photos recently taken.

Studded Jackets

Seriously, right down to the jackets, these girls are similar. But they both showcase each girl's personal flair.

Neon Hair

BRB, going to dye my hair blue. How beautiful are these girls?

Cool Walls

Seriously Duff, where can I get this look for my bedroom?

Showcasing Tattoos

These girls are proud of their tats, and they have no problem showing them off in their music video.

Iconic Hair Flips

In the words of Duff herself, these girls can rock.

Crazy Yet Stylish Outfits

I'm getting some major Lizzie McGuire nostalgia with some of Duff's outfits. Can we bring the '00s back already?

See if you spot any other similarities.

Images: RCA (11); Hollywood Records (11)