Hilary Duff Goes '90s for "Sparks" Teaser

Get ready for some pop flavored flashbacks: Hilary Duff is not just making a musical comeback with her new song "Sparks" — also known as the potential pop anthem of summer 2015 — she's also taking us all the way back to the '90s in the process. Hilary Duff shared a teaser for the "Sparks" video on her Instagram, and it is a loop of perfection. Duff is clearly channeling the ghosts of pop music past like Destiny's Child (who else is getting major "Say My Name" vibes from this clip?!) Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera in the brightly colored, dance-driven teaser. Between the sparse, retro set, the boppy tune, and Duff's epic bubblegum throwback hair, the "Sparks" video will make you feel like it's '99 again.

Is the retro vibe intentional? Who knows — but it looks amazing. MTV reports the "Sparks" video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who lent a similar aesthetic to Ariana Grande's "Love Me Harder" video. It is a smart move on Duff's part to give in to the '90s nostalgia sweeping the country. She is, after all, a child of the era herself, and her fanbase is hungry for all things old school.

The only problem I have is just how short the tease is — we fans demand more, Duff! Check out the teaser and then let's breakdown all the ways it is '90s-tastic:

Look at all the Neon

Neon was the official color scheme of the '90s: Like, if it wasn't the color equivalent of screaming, it had no place in your room. It's not just that the background is littered with pinks that pop and blues that blind, it's the flashing lights added in for extra emphasis just in case you missed the memo about this video being inspired by a pack of Bubblicious.

Backup Dancers for the Sake of Having Back-Up Dancers

Once upon a time, everyone had backup dancers, no matter how little they added to the video. Duff's duo with the impressive metallic shorts are not really necessary (she can shake it all on her own), but they go a long way toward giving you "Hit Me, Baby, One More Time" flashbacks. I count that in the plus column.

Pink Flooded Closeups

This shot is what perfection looks like. Let us count down the '90s pop video tropes: extreme closeup, everything is pink, sparkly clothing, and finally, those multicolored locks. (Also, it's Hillary "Lizzie McGuire" Duff!) When this full video drops it is totally going to be your happy place.

TVs, Zebra prints, Shag Rugs, Oh My!

Admit it, minus the weird bathroom tiles, this is your room from the '90s. You've got your old-school TV, liberal use of zebra prints, weird plastic inflatable balls are randomly sitting all over everything, and all the rugs are shag rugs. Plus, Duff is rocking out to a pop jam that would have gotten major play in your CD player, and you know it.

Raise your hand if you need the full video to drop yesterday.

Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram; Giphy