Fast Food Worker Helps Feed Disabled Customer

The only thing I know about Qdoba is that they have good queso, which is already pretty big in my humble, cheese obsessed opinion. Other than that, it falls in with the rest of the Mexican food chains that aren't Chipotle. (Actually, that aren't Taco Bell. Let's not try to sugar coat my life.) But all that is about to change. Because it's going to be forever known as the place where a fast food employee helped a disabled woman eat. Ridge Quarels helped one of his regulars without a second thought, and it was an amazing display of kindness.

Dr. David Jones, also a regular at the Qdoba in Louisville, Kentucky, caught the random act of kindness on video. The woman in a wheelchair comes in every day and often has to wait for someone to open the door to the restaurant. If a passerby doesn't stop to get the door, an employee knows to go outside and let her in. The employees also know her order: taco salad with hot sauce and cheese for lunch, a burrito with hot sauce and cheese for dinner. (This lady's condiment preferences are pretty aligned with mine.) On the day this video was shot, Quarels helped her bring her food to the table, got her utensils, a drink and started to back away when she asked if he would help her eat.

"He didn't stop to think, should I help her, should I not. He just went over, put the gloves on and started feeding her," said Dr. Jones.

And that's why he captured it on video. Prepare to melt:

Quarels was nonchalant about the whole exchange. He was just glad to be there to help. "If I wasn't gonna do it, no one was," he said.

I guess there really is something to be said for a Southern gentleman. Quarels has worked at the Qdoba for 5 years, and if you live in Kentucky you should considering dropping in to say hi.

As for the woman, not much is known about her, other than that she's a Qdoba regular and she often gets dropped off a TARC bus, which helps people with disabilities. On the plus side, we know she's in good hands at Qdoba.