The 12 Worst TV Twists of 2013 ('Dexter's a Wha?!)

By Kaitlin Reilly
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There's nothing better than a killer television twist. And, in today's golden age of television, our favorite shows are constantly pulling us in new directions to keep us on our toes. When that "Oh My God, Did That Really Just Happen?" moment finally goes down, it's all we can talk (and tweet) about for days on end.

Of course, not all television twists are created equal. In order for a twist to really blow us away, it has to be both surprising and lead the show into a cool new direction. Fail to surprise us, and we're bored. But shock us and then spin the show in a new, terrible direction? Well, that's no fun either.

This season, we've seen some twists and turns that are more "meh" than "wow." What shows tried to amp up the excitement but ended up flatlining? Here's a list of the TV twists that 2013 didn't get right. (Warning: Spoilers a-plenty!)

Image: AMC

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