16 Backpacks For Sophisticated, Grown Up Ladies

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Is it just me, or is there a weird backpack stigma for grown ups? A few months ago I was walking with a backpack, jammin' to my tunes, when I was quite literally pulled over by a cop who thought I was cutting class at the local high school. It took a lengthy conversation and the eventual retrieval of my driver's license to convince him I was a legal adult minding my own business. He said he pulled me over because of the backpack, which I find 50 shades of ridonkulous, because there are plenty of backpacks for adults. Some incredibly classy and fashionable ones, too! They're not just for the kiddies anymore.

That aside, I have many other words I can say in defense of the good old backpack. Backpacks are healthier for your back, putting significantly less strain than shoulder bags and purses. Also, I don't know about you guys, but when I go to work every morning I tend to pack like there is going to be a mini-apocalypse. Laptop, breakfast, lunch, emergency sweater, six kinds of snacks, eight zillion sanitary napkins...you get the point. I can't just be lugging my bad self and all my rad stuff around in a purse, and these are the kind of moments backpacks were born for. I think it's time we all accept our double-strapped destinies and embrace the full glory of the adult backpack once and for all. Here are a few snazzy choices to get you started.

Image: hobobags.com

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