13 Pineapple Fashion And Accessories That Prove There Is No Other Summer Fruit To Put All Over Your Body

I would've thought that with the Rick Ross song "Diced Pineapples," 2012 would've been the year of the pineapple. But with all of the pineapple themed fashion and goods I'm seeing lately, I think 2015 may be the year for this tropical fruit.

The pineapple is not new to fashion but it actually being used in a cool, bold, not-so-dainty way is something I hadn't seen much before this year. I saw a few brands making pineapple earrings in late 2014 followed by the plus-size pineapple print bodycon dress carried by a few boutiques, notably Pop Up Plus. But I hadn't really thought too much about pineapple itself as a fashion trend until a customer asked me if I would be designing anything with a pineapple print. It took me by surprise, but when I thought about it, it kind of made perfect sense as to why this is the fruit of the summer.

For one thing, pineapples are truly delicious and I am not going to argue with anyone about that. But aesthetically, they are pretty much the boldest looking fruit. An orange is rather one-dimensional, but a pineapple is two colors on the outside and an entirely different color on the inside! Plus, there's the texture. The leaves are smooth while the body is rough.

The pineapple is pretty much a badass version of the pinecone, which (lamentably) I don't see anybody turning into fashion accessories. If you think I'm crazy for evangelizing the pineapple as an aesthetically pleasing fashion trend, check out these 13 pineapple-themed pieces and see if you become a convert.

The Oversized Earrings

If there’s anyone who can make a pineapple look like the epitome of cool, it’s jewelry designer Melody Ehsani. These acrylic earrings are available in both 2.5 or 3.5 inch lengths.

Pineapples! Earrings, $48,

The Clutch

This pineapple clutch from U.K. retailer New Look has a pop art feel to it and certainly makes a statement.

Yellow Pineapple Clutch, $20,

The Bodycon Dress

From the off-the-shoulder neckline to the bold print, the “Pineapple Paradise” dress from Pop Up Plus is pineapple fashion done right.

Pineapple Paradise, $44,

The Ring

This 18K gold plated ring from Resilient Silent Kind can also be made in silver, rose gold, or gunmetal.

Gold Pineapple Ring, $35,

The Platform Shoe

These Sophia Webster shoes are jellies on the top and pineapple print platforms on the bottom, which seems like the perfect combination for every summer barbecue or rooftop fashion show.

Suki Pineapple Print Jelly Sandals, $375,

The Skater Dress

This Charlotte Russe skater dress is a trendy two-for-one special, since it features a pineapple print and caged straps, which are also big at the moment.

Strappy Pineapple Print Skater Dress, $35,

The Shades

Before I even checked, I knew that Rad + Refined would be the brand to make pineapple-themed shades I would actually wear (even if the pineapple does have to share the spotlight with a watermelon).

What’s Cookin’ Shades, $45,

The Socks

At first glance, these socks almost look like corn on the cob, which is another one of my favorite summer foods. But upon further investigation, I totally feel the fruity vibes.

Fruit As Can Be Socks, $8,

The Bikini Top

Ruffles combined with a pink pineapple print is really the recipe for looking adorable this summer.

Pineapple Palace Ruffle Bandeau, $88,

The Fluff Earrings

Marabou fluff earrings are everywhere now thanks to indie designer Macymarie, who says she handmakes each and every order with love and magic.

Golden Pineapple Fluffs, $24,

The Romper

The pineapple print romper by Living Doll Los Angeles makes me want to brave my fear of crowds and get to a festival this summer.

Tropical Pineapple Romper, $44,

The Phone Case

This pineapple print phone case available for the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone is an easy way to step up your summer selfie game.

Pineapple Phone Case, $17,

The Leggings

These pineapple leggings are very literal but as someone who has french fry leggings of a similar design, I am into it.

Zara Terez Natural Pineapple Leggings, $78,