'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Is Breathtaking

by Kenya Foy

The reign of superheroes is in full effect. Basically, those with superhuman strength are doing precisely what they know how to do best — dominate, and fiercely protect their turf, which happens to be television's 2016 lineup at the moment. In addition to a ton of upcoming superhero movies (h/t to Marvel!), the world was treated to the premiere of the first Supergirl trailer on Wednesday — and on Thursday, the CW released the first trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Arrow/Flash spinoff. And, as can be expected from a group of superheroes who have already arrived at legend status, the trailer’s predictably exciting, and full of breathtaking moments. I mean, that’s pretty much happens when a group of superheroes joins forces with Time Masters to stop a mortal tyrant named Vandal Savage, right?

Anyway, the sneak peek lays the foundation for the show by giving us a glimpse into the background of each character. We see The Arrow wielding his weapon and reminiscing on how he started out solo, just before he teams up with The Flash and the rest of the crew. From then on, they basically embark upon a time-traveling butt kickin’ mission, and the results are absolutely stellar.

Here are seven of the most breath-stealing moments from DC's

Legends of Tomorrow trailer:

The Arrow's On a Mission

He's determined to steal your breath by diving through a window and bungee-plummeted to the ground below.

The Flash

In this heart-stopping flashback, we get a recap of how Barry Allen became The Flash .

Hawkgirl Taking A Nosedive

I know she has wings and all, but that still didn't stop me from gasping at this scene.

White Canary Totally Kicking Butt...

And taking names.

Wentworth Miller As Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Pretty sure it's impossible to breathe and stare at Wentworth Miller at the same time.

Captain Cold & Heatwave in Action

Whew! Wouldn't wanna get caught in that crossfire.

Brandon Routh Demonstrating The Atom's Shrinking Skills

OK, so I'm officially breathless.

Watch the full DC's Legends of Tomorrow trailer below:

Images: The CW/YouTube (8)