Miley Wore An Outfit Composed Of Red Bandanas

by May Sofi

After performing at the Adult Swim Upfronts event in NYC wearing giant butterfly wings and nipple pasties, Miley managed to outdo herself with a second outrageous outfit that made her on-stage one look rather tame. Miley Cyrus wore a red bandana top and matching skirt to an after party at NYC's 1 oak, and just... wow. This look is really something.

I know, I know — I really shouldn't be surprised. I mean, Cyrus wears totally insane outfits on the regular, and this one is actually comparatively tame, but somehow, she still manages to shock me over and over again. The totally '90s co-ord look featured a tied-up bra top and matching asymmetrical hem skirt, both made out of iconic bandana print. Cyrus, always a fan of racy emsembles, is actually a bit more covered up than usual despite the itty bitt crop top she's rocking. I definitely don't love this outfit, but hey — she's just being Miley!

What's even more alarming is that this is actually a high-fashion runway look. Can you guess which designer? Yup, it's Jeremy Scott, obviously. Only the guy who made the Mcdonald's logo stylish is capable of crafting something like this. Also, Cyrus carried balloon flowers for a purse alongside this two-piece.

Take a look.

Oh Miley, what are we going to do with you?