What Do Weed Flavored Condoms Taste Like?

I think we can all agree that flavored condoms are a weird concept. First, they give me serious Juno déja vu to when the girl offers her boysenberry condoms. I will never be able to unhear the sentence, "It makes his junk smell like pie." And even if you're not stuck on that reference, it's still bizarre. People are making bacon flavored condoms, and there was even talk of pumpkin spice flavored condoms for a while. Ya know, for fall flavored blow jobs. But in case you ever need a definitive ranking of the best flavored condoms, BuzzFeed taste tested flavored condoms, so you don't have to. Though if you're dying to, by all means, feel free.

They tested weed flavored condoms first. Marijuana flavored plastic sounds like the least comparable thing to getting high, but whatever floats your boat. I'm not going to judge your condom flavor choices. They also tasted a few flavors I thought only came up at the dentist's office: bubble gum, mint and vanilla.

Watching this video will undoubtedly make you feel better about your most uncomfortable condom story. Because the worst thing that's ever happened with you and a boysenberry flavored condom, or one of those ribbed, warming condoms, isn't as ridiculous looking as sitting under bright light, discussing how a condom tastes as you lick the stretchy plastic. Plus you're just bound to feel better about life after you watch someone blow bubbles with a condom.

See for yourself:

The consensus: Mint is the best tasting condom flavor. And whiskey is probably the condom flavor you should steer clear of. You don't want to invite any whiskey dick comparisons.

If you're going to take the time to learn everything you need to know about flavored condoms, you probably shouldn't skimp on the lube tutorials:

What is it with making all sexual things bacon flavored? Does bacon really do it for that many people?

And then you'll obviously need the ~secret sex moves~ to put this altogether:

This video really peaks at the wheel barrow demonstration. As will you. Maybe. If that's your thing.

Images: YouTube