The 'Scream Queens' Trailer Looks Crazy Good

by Jennifer Still

If you're depressed over Glee ending and also love American Horror Story, I've got great news for you: Ryan Murphy's new series, Scream Queens , is coming to Fox this fall. Lea Michele is on board, as are Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts and even Ariana Grande — in other words, every actress you definitely want to watch on a Ryan Murphy series. And there's not only that, but we now have our first sneak peek into what the whole series is all about in a new trailer. Sure, it's only about 30 seconds long, but oh man, that's enough to get me excited!

If you want to know what this horror comedy is about, I'll keep it simple: a campus sorority called KKT is haunted by a serial killer that's been running rampant on campus with a ridiculous (but still vaguely terrifying) devil mask. Curtis is the dean of students and tries to keep everything (and everyone) together, but obviously this is easier said than done. What comes next is anyone's guess, but we won't find out for another few months.

In the meantime, here are 7 thoughts you'll probably have while watching the Scream Queens trailer, if you're anything like me.

"Man, I kinda miss college..."

I was never in a sorority (I went to a liberal arts school that was so liberal, sororities weren't actually a thing), but that doesn't matter. It's just seeing the girls walk into their house on campus that takes me back to a much simpler time in life, even though I know things are about to get pretty dark.

"People need to start closing windows around here!"

If you know a serial killer is on the loose on your campus, why would you EVER leave a single window or door open at any time? Especially AT NIGHT? No. Just no. That curtain is billowing because you're about to get murdered, girl!

"Oh, HELL no!"

I TOLD YOU TO CLOSE THE WINDOWS! Now he's in your room and he's gonna get you and it all could have been okay if you just closed the window!!!!

"Nope. Nope, nope, nope."

Why is it that whenever there's a psycho on the loose, people want to act all brave and go LOOKING FOR IT. Like, what do you really think you're going to do? Take down the killer once and for all and become the town hero? No, you'll just get killed like the rest of them. Things are not looking good for Ariana Grande already.

*Inaudible screaming*

No, seriously, I'm getting a bit scared now. I'm going to assume this is some weird rush event and that's why one girl is standing there gagged, only wearing her bra and underwear, but uh, maybe get her some clothes? And then all of you get out of the house? I mean, come on!

"Okay, maybe it is pretty funny..."

I mean, psycho killers are scary and all, but Ryan Murphy is making a comedy here, too, so the horror element is going to be overblown a bit, right? And there'll be some comedic relief to keep us all from having nightmares? Whew.

"What happened to Lea Michele?"

Oh man, that neck brace... things do not look good. What happened to her? I HAVE TO KNOW!

Watch the preview for Scream Queens below and try not to, well, scream!

Image: Fox