12 Amazing Betty Draper Quotes From 'Mad Men', Because Birdie Always Knocks 'Em Dead

Attention: Spoilers from the second to last episode of Mad Men ahead. I've been angry with Mad Men showrunner and life-ruiner Matthew Weiner for a lot of things, but I've never been more upset with him than for the series' penultimate episode, "The Milk And Honey Route," where he delivered a death sentence to Betty Draper Francis. Betty took the news in stride, unlike myself who had to pause my DVR and cry and try to process how this could be happening. Don was the one who was supposed to die!

I love Mad Men so deeply and so much more than any other show, because it's like watching a novel play out on-screen, and sometimes, people in the world of Don Draper just don't change. But Betty has transformed time and again, sometimes quietly, sometimes forcefully, but in ways more dynamic than the men around her give her credit for. When Betty turned down Sally's offer to come home and take care of her in the last months of her life, it was such a moment of strength that I had to pause again. "I've fought for a lot in my life," Betty said. And she definitely has.

In the eight years that we have known Betty Draper Francis, she has always been a fighter, and has always looked stunning, cold, and fierce while doing it. Here's a tribute to Betty Draper's best lines. Knock 'em, dead Birdie.

"You betcha!"

The first time Sally Draper snuck a cigarette and Betty was just NOT having it. Mean? Hell yeah, I am.

"You're so profoundly sad.""I'm not. It's just that my people are Nordic."

Who does this dinky little stableboy think he is, trying to act like he knows Betty Draper? He doesn't know anything.

"I know people say life goes on, and it does, but no one tells you that's not a good thing."

Betty Draper is so over your posi vibes.

"I'm sure your father has given you a beer."

*smiles sweetly while throwing shade at Don*

"You're sorry you forgot to inform me what I'm supposed to think. Guess what? I think all by myself."

Betty is not here for Henry's brainwashing.

"I hate him."

Simpler than most of her lamentations against Don, but still very effective. Plus, she was drunk.

"Only boring people are bored."

I've got a baby to take care of here, Bobby. Didn't your dad give you an imagination?

"That poor girl. She doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to get to you."

Sickest burn from Betty to Don about Megan. And sadly, very true :(

"I'm not stupid. I speak Italian."

Shut. It. Down.

"As far as I'm concerned, as long as men look at me that way, I'm earning my keep."

Look, Betty might be vain and shallow, but she knows that it's a rough road for women and if she can get what she wants because she has a face that could start wars like Helen of Troy, well, go get 'em, Birdie.


She might not technically say anything with her words, but this power slap and glare combo says it all.

"I've fought for plenty in my life. That's how I know when it's over."

She's not giving up or giving in, though! She's going her own way. Long live Betty Draper, who has finally learned not to underestimate herself. We love you, Birdie.

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