'True Detective' Season 2 Is Ramping Up The Action

Whew, guys. I’m having a total “Mind blown, what did I just watch?” moment, and understandably so: The newest trailer for Season 2 of True Detective is so crazy, it just may cause you to question your own sanity. Consider yourself warned because the clip is one full minute of darkness, intensity, mystery and total insanity. It's a pretty thrilling teaser that does a great job of giving you just enough of a glance at the plot lines and new characters to expect, while simultaneously causing you to gnaw on your nails in anticipation because it’s still not enough of a reveal for us to connect all of the dots. Arghhh, this season’s June 21 premiere date can’t come quickly enough, right?!

Anyway, the newest trailer expounds on what's already been announced about the upcoming season, and pretty much builds on the trailer that debuted in November — expect this time, there's real dialogue! For example, there's Vince Vaughn as criminal businessman Frank Semyon, whose shadiness is so palpable, it practically seeps through the screen, and Rachel McAdams as the stern and troubled Detective Ani Bezzerides (who, for what it's worth, seems like she could easily send Regina George scurrying for the nearest girls' bathroom stall in tears). Also, Taylor Kitsch stars as a California Highway Patrolman, while Colin Farrell appears as Ray Velcoro, a weary detective who's seen better days due to his attempts to appease both mobsters and crooked cops.

Somehow the trailer manages to fit a whole bunch of crazy into a small amount of time. For example:

This Intense Search

The teaser doesn't reveal who he's looking for, but I know enough about bad guys to assume that this visit won't end well.

Ray Velcoro's Scarred, Bloody Knuckles

Yikes. What is going on here?

Taylor Kitsch Going From Police Officer To Totally Creepy Guy In The Club

Or at least that's what appears to happen here.

Detective Bezzerides' Maniacal Stabbing

I'm not sure whether Detective Bezzerides uses this as a form of stress relief or strictly for knife-sharpening purposes, but it looks extremely frightening.

Frank Semyon's All Fired Up

Given his less-than-law-abiding nature, arson probably comes with the criminal territory for Semyon.

Running While Reloading

Not only insane, but downright scary.

This Absolutely Insane Attack

The press release for Season 2 of True Detective describes Velcoro's as a guy dealing with a rock-and-a-hard-place plight, so perhaps that explains his rage in this scene.

Check out the full trailer below:

Images: HBO/YouTube (9)