Kesha Isn't Rolling In Glitter Anymore

When you think Kesha, there are a few things that come to mind: a bottle of Jack, her hit songs, and glitter, just to name a few. Now, however, the eccentric beauty has toned down her persona and is embracing her more natural self. In a recent interview with Vogue, Kesha shared that she's learning to love her body and that she's no longer rolling in glitter. She also reflects on her beauty regimens both past and present.

It's not a secret that Kesha has a long and passionate love of glitter, but the Tik Tok singer has moved beyond her more eccentric looks. She tells the magazine, "Before I went on stage I used to pour beer on my body then roll in a bathtub full of glitter. I don’t do that anymore because it irritated my skin." Rolling in a tub of glitter, definitely sounds like one heck of way to apply your stage makeup. Now that the star has given up her intense beauty routine, the question was raised of if she'll lose her signature for good. Don't worry though, Kesha fans! She explains, "I’m not done with it forever—there are still hints of glitter."

While skin irritation is clearly no fun, the singer's decision to pair down her appearance is much more deep seated. Kesha has publicly discussed her issues with body image and an eating disorder, but thankfully, the singer appears to be doing much better and discusses her newfound acceptance of herself. Of her personal transformation, Kesha told Vogue, "I went to an eating-disorder specific rehab site where a nutritionist taught me that food is a positive thing for your body. I realized being healthy is the most important thing I can do for myself. Now, I’m trying to embrace the skin I’m in. It’s difficult sometimes. Every day I have to look in the mirror and make the choice to be kind to myself. This is who I am—I have to love that."

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While she has learned to accept herself and is giving some great words of wisdom, the singer isn't regretful of her former beauty routines. Instead, she embraces her past desire to roll in glitter. "I look back lovingly because I was having so much fun," she explains, "There was a time I went on the red carpet with a Mohawk, but I’ll probably never do that again."

We definitely love Kesha's willingness to embrace both her past and channel the changes into her beauty routine are quite telling of the way beauty can be a fun, physical representation of who we are and how we feel. At the end of the interview, Kesha says, "I’ve decided everything in my life should be fun, otherwise—what’s the point?" and we couldn't agree more.

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