Are Khloe's New Lips Bigger Than Kylie's?

With all of the drama surrounding Kylie's temporary lip fillers, the world has dubbed her lips as being the best there are, for now. But after a few recent Instagram posts, everyone's wondering one thing: Are Khloe's new lips bigger than Kylie's? The older sister showed off some plump and glossy smoochers that are giving her baby sister's pout a run for it's money.

While preparing for a photo shoot, Khloe played around on Instagram, taking tons of shots to keep her followers in the loop. One of which was of her pout, painted the color of Dorothy's shoes — with just as much shine and sparkle. But unlike Kylie (no shade), Khloe totally put it out there that her "painted look" was just that, painted. Obviously we'll have to wait to see if Khloe has also used lip fillers, but from what I can tell, this look was created solely by her glam squad.

This is one of those times where I feel like if anyone else (like a regular person) tried to walk around with these lips, people would be confused. It's so bright and so glossy that I'm sure they went through at least two tubes of that sticky, clear topcoat gloss. You know the one that's so hard to wear, but makes you lips look like glass? I guess that's the sort of pout that a photo shoot calls for, though.

What's getting me even more is whether or not this is starting some sort of "plump lip-gate." Are the sisters going to take part in an undercover (and totally innocent) lip battle? If so, who will even win and how far will it go? As serious as I am about these questions, I'm not seriously thinking they're fighting about their lips. Because both Khloe and Kylie recognize how beautiful the other is, and that's all that matters.