Giuliana Ditched Her Lob

by Lauren Turner

When a beauty trend becomes super big, you sometimes want to get as far away from it as you can, which is why I think Giuliana Rancic got extensions recently. After showing off the very fitting angular lob for a while, Rancic decided to switch it up a bit, and rejoin the #LongHairDontCare club.

Rancic has been all about her short hair for some time now. From the even-cut blonde bob, to the reddish angled lob, and even the bangs, she's dabbled in short cuts of all shapes and colors. But Rancic posted a mysteriously sexy picture on Instagram showing off her new extensions, and captioning it with the classic "Long Hair Don't Care..."

From what I can tell, she's gone back to the blonde, and added about 4-5 inches, just in time for summer. But instead of doing the same platinum blonde that she did with the bob, it seems to be more of a golden blonde. I wonder if this is just a transitional color and if she's going to be making a full-on blonde move or if she'll go back to the short style, in a matter of days. One theory that's out there is that she's doing this in preparation for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, just like she changed her 'do for the Oscars.

As someone who hears that my hair looks different, constantly, I totally understand Rancic's interest in switching up her looks. It's fun to change your hair, as often as you change your socks. As long as it makes you happy, nothing else should matter.