Steroline Is Clearly Gonna Happen On 'TVD'

In all the sadness surrounding Elena's departure from The Vampire Diaries, you would be right to not worry so much about the fate of Stefan and Caroline's relationship. However, the writers sure know that thought is lingering in the back of your mind. That's clearly why when Caroline and Stefan stop by the hospital to visit a comatose Elena, Stefan stops to give a very interesting speech. I see you, Julie Plec. I know what you're laying groundwork for.

While in Elena's hospital room, Caroline says that Elena was Stefan's soulmate, but Stefan doesn't agree. In fact, he gives Caroline this whole speech that I totally get — but don't necessarily buy. He says that he truly loved Elena, but that ultimately the thing that is so amazing about her is that was able to see that Damon needed to be loved. In the end, Stefan needs his brother more than he needs Elena. OK, this is all well and good, but was this Stefan even present in Seasons 1-4? Did he forget all that? Though without Elena, we do need a 'ship and this clearly paves the way for Steroline.

Unfortunately for 'shippers, that union will have to wait. Caroline, still reeling over all of Kai's death and destruction and still worrying that one or both of her two best friends might die, says the equivalent of "Hey, dude. I like making out with you, but over the body of my maybe-dead bestie is not the place to appease the 'shippers all over Tumblr."

Plus, not everyone is ready.

But then Stefan went and made a list. And adorable, mushy, wonderful list of reasons he loves her. "I understand that if you need time to heal ... I will wait," he says. You can tell from the look on Caroline's face that this is going to happen. It just might take an entire other season before these two are riding off into the sunset.

Image: Tina Rowden/CW