Elena's Fate On 'TVD' Is Sadder Than We Thought

Just when you think that Kai's villainous ways can't get much worse, he goes and does the unthinkable. During Thursday night's Vampire Diaries finale, the reason behind Elena's departure is finally explained. After crashing Jo and Alaric's wedding, Kai revealed that he's linked Elena and Bonnie together with a special sleeping curse. So as long as Bonnie remains alive, Elena will stay asleep and preserved in her youthful state . Pretty twisted, right? So the good news is that Elena does not die on The Vampire Diaries . The bad news is that she'll never be able to see Bonnie again. Luckily, almost all of her other friends are immortal, so she can just see them when she wakes up. (#supernaturalperks)

It's actually the perfect way to take Elena off the show, though. Because this means that it isn't goodbye forever. Delena still has a future; she'll still get to fulfill a long and happy life. It just so happens to be put on pause for the time being. Of course, that didn't stop this turn of events from being completely heartbreaking nonetheless. The goodbyes (whether they were permanent like Bonnie, Alaric, and Matt's or temporary like Damon, Stefan, and Caroline's), it was still difficult to see them all recount their love for each other, knowing how much she'll miss out on.

Chances are though that the waterworks really started flowing once Jeremy showed up and was forced to say goodbye to the only living family member he still has in his life. Sure, he's a few years younger than her, so there's a chance he'll still be alive when she wakes up from her beauty sleep. But still, she's going to miss out on a huge chunk of his life, and unlike the rest of her vampire friends, that time won't be able to be made up for later on. (Those Gilberts never have it easy, do they?)

Of course, we knew this goodbye was going to be hard to come to terms with. But I'd much prefer this scenario rather than if she had been killed off entirely. As it stands, it's just feels more like she's on a long vacation. And who knows, maybe Nina Dobrev can come back and guest star in a few flash-forwards! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) Regardless, though, it still made for a tearjerker hour of television to witness. (I've never been very good with goodbyes.) So if you'll excuse me, there's a container of Nutella with my name on it. BRB.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW