Elena & Bonnie Are Bonded Forever On 'TVD'

I was fairly certain that of all the goodbyes on Thursday night's Vampire Diaries finale, Bonnie's would not make cry the way Stefan and Damon's would. Holy crap was I wrong. When Bonnie and Caroline said goodbye to Elena on The Vampire Diaries , it was such an explosion of sisterly love that I suddenly remembered just how integral this bond was to the entire show. And without this core trio I really don't know how we can go on.

I've come around to Bonnie in recent seasons — partially because the writers clearly noticed that her storylines were lacking and making fans turn against her — but I never knew that watching her giggle for the last time with her best friend well up. When she and Caroline sat on Elena's bed so that Bonnie could take her last few minutes to relive that time Bonnie showed Elena the more delicate side of her powers. It was sweet, and innocent: A callback to a time before an episode drenched in blood was something we just expected from our Mystic Falls friends. And it was absolutely beautiful to boot.

But what's even more of a tear-jerker is realizing the bond of friendship that allows Elena, who must stay in a coma until Bonnie's life ends thanks to Kai's spell, to really appreciate her friend and prove that Kai wasn't able to foster resentment between the two of them. Even though one's life means the other must stay in a semi-permanent coma, the sisterly bond isn't broken.

And ladies, that is pretty freaking wonderful, don't you think?

Image: Annette Brown/CW