TV's 14 Most Uncomfortable Moments, 2013 (Thanks 'Girls,' 'Mad Men,' and More!)

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At some point earlier this year, the people behind some of our favorite TV shows came together and decided to make their audiences as uncomfortable as possible. As if real life wasn't already awkward enough, series had to become even more realistic and include the kind of moments that make you physically cringe and look away from the TV screen.

We're not just talking about awkward sex scenes — though there were plenty of those this year. No, this is a collection of those scenes that were physically uncomfortable to watch. Because, hey, you have to confront them one more time before you can officially move on.

Whether these 14 moments made you laugh, cry, or change the channel, it's time to look back at the most awkward, uncomfortable, cringe-worthy, unnerving, just overall hard-to-watch scenes from 2013. Bustle is not liable for any emotional damage or future therapy costs.

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