Who Would Come Back For 'Pitch Perfect 3'?

It's finally happened, everybody! Pitch Perfect 2 is out in theaters on Friday, just like they promised. I know your inclination will be to celebrate this momentous occasion by going to see it in theaters four times in a row, but, in between that, I need your help with something. See, as far as I'm concerned, there was just way too much of a delay between this first movie and the second — Pitch Perfect came out in September 2012, and we didn't get a look at the sequel until May 2015. Not acceptable. So, in hopes of speeding up the process a little bit, I want to start talking about the third movie immediately, the moment the second one comes out.

Now you might be asking yourself, "Alexis, is there really a Pitch Perfect 3 movie in the works already?" and I would have to say, "Great question. No, there actually isn't. At least not officially." But I'm not letting that stop me, because there isn't a person on Earth who doesn't want a three-quel to this aca-awesome series. Some of us were raised on musical theater and need more soundtracks to dance around to in our underwear! So, with that in mind, I'm going to rank each member of the cast in order of most likely to least likely to return to the series for a potential third movie. That way we know whom we have to lean on hardest to make this happen. Ready? Let's do this.

Rebel Wilson

She makes the top of the list on account of the fact that she signed on for a third movie back in April, before one even existed. Basically, we have her to thank for getting these rumors started.

Kay Cannon

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The writer of the first two films is a pretty sure bet for the third, because she had this to say:

I do want to write the third one. I don’t want to give over my baby to someone else.

So there you have it.

Elizabeth Banks

Um, yeah. She's a producer on the films, so her character Gail isn't going anywhere.

Ester Dean

Dean's IMDb page shows that most of her work comes from the soundtrack end of the industry. She's acted in just four movies, and two of those are as Cynthia Rose in the Pitch Perfect series, so I'd be shocked if she turned down a third one.

Hana Mae Lee

Like Dean, Lee hasn't spoken yet about her intentions for the next film, but she mostly works on TV projects, so it's doubtful she'd turn down another plum movie role like Lilly. Also, I really can't live without that creepy little whisper, so don't go anywhere, girl.

Ben Platt

It's criminal that Platt isn't more famous and in high-demand after the hilarious work he's done as Benji... but I guess I'm okay with it as long as it means he's still available to reprise his role in the next film.

Brittany Snow

I'm pretty sure that this is the movie that rockets Snow back to the fame she was teasing us with back when she did the TV series American Dreams and Hairspray, so she's one I'd definitely want to get locked down early to play her character Chloe. I don't know how they'd explain Chloe's involvement a third time, but I have faith.

Skylar Astin

Oh, my sweet sweet boy. I'm honestly shocked that he isn't more in-demand right now, because he won my heart SO HARD as Jesse in the first movie. I have to assume that I'm just a crush-trailblazer and that the rest of the world will catch up soon, so let's hurry up and make an honest woman out of him! (Sign him up for the third movie.)

Adam DeVine

I don't want to stress anybody out, but DeVine is working a lot these days, and I don't know if he'd have room in his schedule to take on another movie in addition to Workaholics. Somebody get him on the phone, because I need more Bumper, please and thank you!

Anna Camp

Girl has two movies in post-production as we speak, so she is mucho busy. However, I have a good feeling that if we locked down Astin, she'd be on board to reprise Aubrey as well. This is one of those moments when it's great that the cast dates each other and gets along as well as they do, because they want to come back and hang out again.

Anna Kendrick

She's still up in the air, you guys! As much as we'd need Beca in any future iterations, Kendrick doesn't want to count her chickens before they're hatched, aka before the audience responds to this movie. But here's what she said about initially holding off before finally agreeing to do the sequel...

I didn’t know if they were just going to do a sloppy seconds version of it, and that was the thing that made me nervous. When I found out it was really going forward and it was going to be a real movie and everybody was coming back—there was no way I was going to miss out on that.

... so it sounds like as long as everyone else is in, so is she! Viva la FOMO!

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