7 Apps Hilary Duff Should Use For Her Next Video

For anyone who hasn't seen Hilary Duff's new music video for her song, "Sparks," yet, let me catch you up — basically Duff discovered Tinder, and now she's reveling in her single girl-ness after four years of marriage to estranged husband Mike Comrie, and the video follows her on actual dates. It's a pretty fun idea, actually, aside from the fact that it 0 percent resembles any Tinder dates I myself have been on. I guess when you're a famous lady, you get to skip right past "going Dutch on awkward drinks an hour from your apartment with a profusely-sweating stranger" all the way to "having a really great time go-Karting in the sun while your camera crew tags along as a buffer." MUST BE NICE.

But, anyway, it's actually a pretty cool concept for a video, I think, mostly because Duff genuinely is on Tinder, so it's like real life. (Also side note: can you imagine coming across her while swiping around on your phone? The biggest celebrity I've ever come across is Clay Aiken, while peering over my friend's shoulder. We were still very excited.)

Where was I? Oh right! The concept for this video. I thought it was fun, so here are seven more ideas for future videos that could center around social media or a fun app! Just make sure to pay me if... I mean when you use all of them, Hilary Duff.


If you poke Hilary Duff, she has to come and poke you back in real life. Feel like that's a real ice-breaker, no? Good for a video.


Duff would tweet something that only a true fan would understand and appreciate, so anyone who retweeted it would get to meet her and be in her video. And I feel like this is a good idea that she should actually do, so TM TM TM!! (That's how you trademark intellectual property, right?)


Duff being an Uber driver for like two days and filming people's reactions who get in her car. Again, a really great idea and one that I want credit for.


If you choose the "Duff" filter, Duff steps out of a closet where she's been hiding for many long hours and joins you in the photo. (But, for real, couldn't "Duff" totally be the name of an Instagram filter?)

Task Rabbit

This is an app that lets you outsource chores, or, really, anything you don't want to do, and I think Duff should work for it. She could come over to your house to install a shelf or reorganize your DVD collection or whatever, and, if she hummed while she was working, it'd be just steps away from a private concert!


Duff gives people (ideally me, but I'm open to other suggestions) money, then steps out of a closet where she's been hiding for many long hours to film their reactions.


Oh my god, if Hilary Duff did a video where she delivered Seamless orders for a week, she would just have hours and hours of footage of me sheepishly opening my door. This can't happen.

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