Kris Jenner Celebrated her Birthday with Her Face

As most of America knows, Nov. 5 is a big day, so I hope you all celebrated correctly. No, not because of Guy Fawkes day, but a much more important cultural holiday — Kris Jenner's birthday. The Kardashian/Jenner matriarch/momager celebrated her 58th birthday with her famous family, who couldn't help but to chronicle the festivities on social media of various types.

What did we learn? The Kardashian girls really know what their mom likes, and that is her own face. But why shouldn't she? A lot of time and money have gone into it. Through Instagram and the Kardashians' new obsession, video app Keek, we were able to get a peek inside Jenner's birthday brunch.

Not only were there cupcakes topped with an edible headshot of Jenner, but the larger, actual birthday cake bore the same photo. The exact same one. Because sometimes you want to eat Jenner's entire face by yourself, but other times you may want to share it with others.

Jenner, of course, loved it. This is the same woman who celebrated her 30th birthday with a self-produced music video about how great her life is. I'm surprised there weren't more baked goods with the same photo on them. Cookies? Brownies? Chocolate-covered Oreos? There is really no limit to the desserts that could display Jenner's face. Look how great the cupcakes turned out.

And the full-sized cake? A thing of beauty.

It should be preserved in a museum, really.

If you want to see how excited Jenner was upon being presetned with her face in so many edible ways, watch Kim Kardashian's Keek, below.

Happy belated birthday Kris, thanks for all that you do for this world and the E! network. Maybe, just maybe, if we're lucky, you'll grace fans with a second music video to celebrate the big 60. Here's hoping.

Images: khloekardashian/Instagram; KimKardashian/Keek