'The Mindy Project' Has Been Saved By Hulu

I'm starting to think The Mindy Project must be a cat, because that right there is a show with nine lives. The last we heard, The Mindy Project had been canceled by FOX after three seasons, and we were shaking our fists at the sky about it. Because seriously, what are we supposed to do with our Tuesday nights if not root for both Mindys — Kaling and Lahiri — with a glass of wine in one hand and our remote in the other, just how she'd want it? Well, just as we were settling down for a good ugly cry, in swept a knight in shining armor to save the day — Hulu is picking up The Mindy Project for a fourth season of Lahiri shenanigans. Officially, though, it's actually two seasons — as the 26 episode order is double the size of a typical season on cable or digital.

But, semantics aside, HOW EXCITING IS THIS? We get to meet Mindy's baby and see how her relationship with Danny turns out, and all will be right with the world! What a relief. And it gets even better, because, once the first episode airs at a date not yet decided, Hulu has the option to order additional seasons on and on into the sunset, until our favorite OB/GYN is old and gray.

So, once they announce the air date, everybody tune in, because I can't take the stress of this series having to come back from the brink of death another time. In honor of this timely miracle, let's celebrate with the seven stages of reacting to this news.



Happy Tears

Slow Clap

Jumping Up And Down

Spontaneous Hugging

Dance Party

Phew. What a roller coaster.

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