Johnny Depp's Dogs Are Flying Back To The States

Celebrities really know how to cause a stir when it comes to bringing their animals into other countries. First, Justin Bieber and his monkey caused all kinds of drama in Germany. And on Thursday, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's two dogs angered Australia when the married duo imported their pets into the country without signing the proper documents. Well, CNN reports that Johnny Depp's dogs are leaving Australia and on their way back to the states.

On Friday, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's pups boarded a private jet and flew back to Los Angeles. It seems Depp got his dogs (two Yorkshire terriers named Boo and Pistol) out of the country just in time, before Australian officials followed through with their promise of euthanizing the dogs, because they entered the country without proper documentation.

Some might find the euthanasia laws strict, but CNN reports that Australia is known for its "stringent biosecurity regulations," which are much more intense than others across the globe. Australia takes the import of animals seriously as a way to prevent the spread of non-native diseases, including rabies, ehrlichia, leishmania, leptospirosis, and internal and external parasites.

I'm sure Depp is happy to have his dogs safe and out of the land down under. You know who else is thrilled? Australia's Minister of Magic — I mean, Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, who got sassy about Depp's dogs needing to leave prior to their departure. He continued with the same attitude on Friday, tweeting, "Dogs gone." I think it's safe to say he's not shedding any tears for Boo and Pistol's departure.

In addition to that short and sweet tweet, while chatting with ABC NewsRadio Joyce said the following about Boo and Pistol's exit:

I'm informed that Pistol and Boo are preparing to fly on a private jet back to the Unites States, which is the best news that I've got. Obviously there's an investigation into how they came out to Australia... Mr. Depp decided he can step round our nation's laws.

As if that isn't enough for you, before Depp decided to fly his dogs back to the states, Joyce said the following, which grabbed the attention of many:

If we start letting movie stars, even if they've been "Sexiest Man Alive" twice, to come into our nation then why don't we just break the laws for everybody ... It's time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States.

See? I told you he was sassy.