This Girl Just Won The Senior Quote Game

High school senior Rafika Alami has just raised the bar for anyone picking out their own end-of-the-year statement. Rafika Alami’s senior quote went viral because it exudes confidence, and kind of just tells it like it is in a badass kind of way.

And if a high school senior can have this kind of confidence, so can you. I mean, we’ve all seen Mean Girls, right? So, you’re probably wondering what Alami could have possibly said to have changed the senior quote game forever. And frankly, I’m glad you asked.

Alami’s quote reads, “Only reason I wear this is to give you girls a chance.” A picture of Alami wearing a hijab ran above the quote. Dang, girl. Get it! See what I mean about her confidence here.

According to Teen Vogue, “Rafika seems to be suggesting that she levels the dating playing field by shielding part of her beauty with the veil — otherwise other girls wouldn't stand a chance at getting any attention,” and I think that’s exactly what she’s saying. And that’s why this girl is my new role model. Fierce, much?

After receiving lots of positive feedback about her quote through social media Alami said, “A lot of girls are telling me that I've inspired them to be confident, which makes me feel great. I think it's important that girls feel more confident,” according to the Huffington Post. And she couldn’t be more right.