Will 'The Mindy Project' Be Released All At Once On Hulu? That Probably Won't Be The Case For The Upcoming Season

Friday, May 15, 2015, will go down as one of the greatest days in the history of television: Hulu will officially pick up The Mindy Project for Season 4. And that's not all. The season will have 26 new episodes for us all to enjoy. Now, whether or not that is better than Hulu picking the series up for multiple seasons with a shorter amount of episodes is a point to be discussed by better people than myself (I would rather have more seasons than more episodes though). What's more pressing is how can we expect to get these episodes? Will they release The Mindy Projec t all at once like Netflix? Or will Hulu follow the traditional routine of premiering one new Mindy Project episode every week?

If the streaming service is going to follow its normal rules for premiering shows on its site, most likely it will release episodes on a week-to-week basis. That's how it works for its original content like The Awesomes, as well as for the shows it premieres once they are cancelled on their respective networks, aka what they did for ABC's Selfie and Manhattan Love Story among others.

So, unfortunately, moving The Mindy Project from Fox over to Hulu won't guarantee us a quicker way to watch episodes. This process of releasing week-to-week also makes more sense for The Mindy Project Season 4, because the amount of episodes Kaling and her crew will have to write and produce will require time.

Now that the series is 100 percent confirmed to be back in a big way, we just have to make sure no more of the actors are going to leave — much like NBC's Community when it moved over to Yahoo! Screen. I don't think I can bear anymore of Mindy's friends and colleagues leaving. The loss of Adam Pally already did me in. The premiere date for Season 4 has yet to be announced, but I'll be riding high on the news that the series is renewed for now. Happy days!

Images: Emily Shur, John P. Fleenor/FOX