What Does Katy Think Of The "Bad Blood" Video?

For the past week, Taylor Swift has announced a never-ending line up of celebrity co-stars who will be part of her upcoming music video. Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video officially premieres May 17 during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and, apparently, it will include a plethora of A-list guests. While it might seem like everyone and their mother is now in the video, one name will probably (definitely) be missing from the list: Katy Perry.

As a refresher, the song was heavily rumored to be about Perry, particularly after a September 2014 Rolling Stone interview in which Swift said the song was about another female artist with whom she used to be friends — until she stole some of her tour mates. Perry indeed fit that description, and sources told Us Weekly that this was the reason why Perry shared an ominous tweet about an unnamed mean girl in September 2014.

Since then, Perry's comments about Swift have been sparse, and oddly sometimes even flattering, like when she referred to Swift as "the sweetheart" of the music industry in an interview with Elle. But Perry recently shared a tweet that has been stiring a bit of suspicion. Check it out:

Now, it must be emphasized that it is not clear that this tweet is definitely about Swift. After all, there is no context provided in any tweets that came immediately before or after it. Plus, it can be tough to know what exactly someone is referring to in only 140 characters. Really, for all we know, Perry could have been talking about deciding whether to buy any more groceries while waiting in a really long Whole Foods line.

But the timing of Perry's tweet is interesting. The date of the published tweet is May 9, which comes just two days after Swift released her first of many promotional posters for "Bad Blood" on Twitter and it's the date it was announced when the video would officially premiere. Not to mention, on May 8 and May 9, Swift began sharing more promotional posters on her page to announce the first couple of celebrity guests. Considering the very public hype over a not-so-flattering song that was rumored to be about Perry, it would not entirely shocking for Perry herself to chime in with her thoughts.

And some of Perry's followers pointed that out.

So, is this a clue as to how Perry feels about the video or Swift and her never-ending line of co-stars? Is it a vague warning that there are more thoughts to come from Perry? It remains to be seen if the pop star will offer any commentary on the video, direct or otherwise. As Perry would probably say, only time will tell.