What Is The 'Mad Men' DB Cooper Theory That Matthew Weiner Keeps Talking About? The Theorist Herself Explains

As you may have heard, another great fan theory has been taken out by none other than the creator of Mad Men himself: Matthew Weiner has officially denied that Don Draper becomes DB Cooper, an at large and infamous plane hijacker. Being that this theory is not only making its rounds on the web, but also making such an impact on Weiner that he actually addresses it head-on means it's probably worth explaining. Luckily, the woman behind the theory, Lindsey Green, just happens to be a Bustle employee. She graciously agreed to sit down and explain the madness for everyone who's a bit mystified by the whole thing.

Though Weiner has debunked the theory completely, just in time for the finale, fans have noticed moments that seem to wink at the theory: Namely, that plane flying through the sky when Don gets fed up at his first McCann meeting. Of course, Green herself says she didn't really think that's how the series would end (I'll let her explain it further for herself), but you have to admit, this theory was kind of awesome while it lasted.

And in case Weiner's denial is the first you're hearing of this, here's why:

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Editor's Note: In the above video, Green says that Cooper's disappearance is the only unsolved crime in aviation history, when in fact, Cooper's disappearance is the only unsolved crime in commercial aviation history.

Image: Bustle