20 Foods You Never Knew You Could Grill That You Need To Make At Your Next Barbecue

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which for foodies means one thing: it's grilling season! It's time to barbecue literally everything that you possibly can, including foods you didn't know you could grill, because, why not? I'm sure you've tried grilling the usual foods — burgers, hot dogs, fish, shrimp, veggies like asparagus and corn, peaches, etc. — but did you know that you're probably missing out on a whole bunch of other delicious grilled recipes?

There are so many foods you can stick on the grill that automatically become better with the smokey taste that comes from a barbecue — and the sad thing is, most of us never even realize it. That means that we're missing out on so many amazing and unique recipes. Impress everyone at your next BBQ (and get ready to Instagram some serious food porn) with these 20 foods you never knew you could grill.

Image: Half-Baked Harvest


Grilling an avocado makes them super soft and a little bit smokey. It’s hard to imagine an avocado getting better than it is already, but this might give a regular avocado a run for its money.

Image and Recipe: Food and Style

Bok Choy

You’ve probably never thought about grilling bok choy, but it’s definitely worth trying, as it gives bok choy a nice smokey taste without making it too soft or mushy. Eat it with edamame and carrots (both of which could also be grilled if you wanted to go crazy!).

Image and Recipe: Naturally Ella

Pound Cake

When grilled, pound cake gets a nice toasty crunch with caramelized edges. It’s the best way to eat cake you never knew you were missing out on. Add cherries, like with this recipe, for a very summery dessert.

Image and Recipe: Savory Sweet Life


There’s something so perfectly summery about eating oysters on the half-shell outside. That feeling gets even more intense when you grill them and add grilled prosciutto to the mix.

Image and Recipe: Adventures In Cooking

Sweet Potatoes

Baking sweet potatoes makes them super soft and yummy. But grilling them gives them a nice toasted outside, with a creamy, soft inside. Perfection, especially in the form of skewers.

Image and Recipe: Naturally Ella


Olives are obviously fine on their own, but grilling them gives them a smokey edge that will make them even better and totally unique. You can grill them on their own with a little olive oil, or you can try a recipe like this one, which stuffs olives with cheese. And who can say no to cheese?

Image and Recipe: YouTube


Meatballs become even more flavorful when you throw them on the BBQ. Put them on a skewer with grilled veggies, or put them into a sandwich.

Image and Recipe: Food Fanatic


Grilling a donut gives you an amazingly sweet and savory dessert that is also totally unexpected.

Image and Recipe: Half-Baked Harvest


Obviously hot, melted cheese is always better than cold cheese, so it makes sense that it’s perfection on a grill. Make sure you pick a thick slice of cheese that will get gooey inside without dripping all over the place and messing with the grill.

Image and Recipe: Foodie Crush


Fruit is always great to put on the grill — I’m sure you’ve tried grilled pineapple or grilled peaches. This rule extends to apples too, which take on a really nice smokey flavor.

Image and Recipe: YouTube

Banana Bread

Banana bread gets toasted and a little crunchy on the outside while staying soft on the inside when you put it on the grill. This amazing recipe makes the grilled banana bread into a s’more. Literally drooling.

Image and Recipe: Half-Baked Harvest


A barbecue is an excellent way to make pizza in the summertime. When made in the oven, pizza can make your whole kitchen hot and miserable. But on the grill, you’re safe… and it’s delicious.

Image and Recipe: The Kitchn


Bananas are SO GOOD on the grill. They get so warm and soft and delicious, you barely even need to add anything to them. Except you should totally put them in an ice cream sundae, because why wouldn’t you?

Image and Recipe: Damn Delicious


Warm lettuce might sound weird, but trust me, it’s not. When lettuce is on the grill, it gets a little charred and the taste gets amplified — it’s so much sweeter. Make sure you grill something like romaine or endive rather than baby greens.

Image and Recipe: Dessert Now, Dinner Later


Looking for a quick appetizer option? Go for grilled bread. It literally couldn’t be easier, and there’s so much you can do with it. Just add dipping sauce like hummus or guac to keep things simple.

Image and Recipe: How Sweet It Is


Although you probably usually eat steamed artichokes, you should try them grilled. The barbecue gives them a really great, different flavor.

Image and Recipe: The Kitchn


Who says vegetarians and vegans can’t enjoy a BBQ? Instead of sticking with a veggie burger or just vegetables, try sticking some tofu on the grill. Add some pineapple to make it sweet.

Image and Recipe: Oh She Glows


If you’ve never had grilled watermelon, you are really missing out. Grilling watermelon makes it so sweet with a nice charred outside. Add some balsamic, and you’ve got a great side dish.

Image and Recipe: Cooking For Keeps


Who needs a quesadilla maker when you have a grill? Brush your quesadillas with some oil, and stick ‘em on the grill for a fast meal.

Image and Recipe: Naturally Ella

Potato Wedges

I love grilling potatoes. The outsides get nice and charred while the insides are perfectly soft. Adding cheese to them is a genius idea.

Image and Recipe: The Kitchn