20 Foods You Never Knew You Could Grill That You Need To Make At Your Next Barbecue

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, which for foodies means one thing: it's grilling season! It's time to barbecue literally everything that you possibly can, including foods you didn't know you could grill, because, why not? I'm sure you've tried grilling the usual foods — burgers, hot dogs, fish, shrimp, veggies like asparagus and corn, peaches, etc. — but did you know that you're probably missing out on a whole bunch of other delicious grilled recipes?

There are so many foods you can stick on the grill that automatically become better with the smokey taste that comes from a barbecue — and the sad thing is, most of us never even realize it. That means that we're missing out on so many amazing and unique recipes. Impress everyone at your next BBQ (and get ready to Instagram some serious food porn) with these 20 foods you never knew you could grill.

Image: Half-Baked Harvest

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