Where To Get Cacti Clothes Like Lena Dunham's

Leave it to Lena Dunham to have the coolest pair of pants we've ever laid eyes on. This Saturday, Lena Dunham wore cactus pants while out in Chinatown, NYC — and, naturally, posted an Instagram photo in which she's surrounded by actual cactus plants. Confidence is key to landing a slightly out-there look.

She made the Creatures of Comfort pants seem easy to pull of as she lunged against a tray of succulents. Matching the white, high-waisted cactus printed pants with a soft purple crop top, Dunham looked comfy and chic for her mid-morning stroll. And isn't that really what we're all looking for in a weekend ensemble?

Dunham has never been one to shy away from a daring style. She's worn printed shorteralls (with that fabulous #nothighgap Insta-post), uniquely embroidered sweaters, and, of course, all those awesome rompers. The actress has been encouraging women everywhere to be who they are since the release of her book Not That Kind of Girl and has kept the encouragement going with her quirky outfits.

Succulents have been the uber-hip apartment plant for a while now (they are SO hard to kill), so it makes sense that they're taking over our clothes, too.. From bold printed outfits like Dunham's to the less noticeable accessories, there is something succulent for everyone.

1. On a graphic tee

Forever 21, $14.90

2. With some earrings

Tyramin, $45

3. On a sundress

Urban Outfitters, $45

4. In a necklace

Wear It Mini Plants, $8.99

5. And, of course, on your weekend loungewear

Pacsun, $59

See you on the streets, succulents fans!

Images: Courtesy Brands