Lena Dunham Posts #NoThighGap Instagram Photo

One word: YASSSSS. Social media queen/everybody's BFF Lena Dunham posted a #NoThighGap Instagram photo, reminding us all that there are more important things in life than thigh gaps. Hey, we should be celebrating our bodies like Lena, not praying for space between our legs, right?

She captioned the photo, "Springtime means shorteralls #nothighgap". My struggle with shorts is always that I feel like my legs are spilling out of them, and Lena's post is a good reminder that it really does not matter. Seriously, who cares? No one should have to live in fear of shorts season because of what they think they'll look like in their favorite denim.

Or, in Lena's case, shorteralls instead of shorts. Sidenote, that is actually the best term ever for short overalls, and one that I haven't heard before. Although my long torso prevents me from wearing pretty much anything one-piece (tall people problems,) I'm now dying for a pair only so I can use her term.

The best takeaway from Lena's Instagram isn't that all thigh gaps are bad, it's the message that we should all wear what we want, whenever we want, regardless of what "imperfections" we see. Her post comes at the perfect time, serving as a reminder to everyone as they begin to wade into their summer wardrobes little by little. Adding on to the message in Chrissy Teigen's awesome stretch mark photo. I'm loving that so many celebrities are being body positive online lately. Hear, hear.

Image: lenadunham/Instagram