Helena Leaves Sarah Behind On 'Orphan Black,' But Are These Sestras Separated For Good?

The happy sestras reunion between Sarah and Helena is short lived. After being taken by Mark and Rudy at the end of the last episode, Sarah finds herself on the Project Castor base in a cell adjacent to Helena. Sarah is at least pleased to have finally found her sister — even though it's under the worst circumstances ever. Helena, meanwhile, is still pretty PO'ed about the fact that she was handed over to the military in the first place. Though the two hatch a plan to escape, turns out it's only Helena who escapes from Project Castor, and she leaves Sarah behind. That's no way to treat a sestra.

It's really hard for me to be mad at Helena. Yes, she left Sarah behind at Castor, but Helena has had a pretty rough life. Sarah might think she's had a rough life, but everything for her has been a walk in the park compared to the tough times Helena has faced. I want ALL the sisters to be free (free from everything, including everything related to being a clone) but if there's one I want to see find a little bit of happiness more than the others, it's Helena. So I do have a tough time being mad that she took her chance to escape.

What's Sarah got to face now that she's alone? Basically, everything. Dr. Coady reminds her that she's "special" (as in, the fact that she can reproduce) so Castor probably sees her as a beautiful blessings that's been dropped into their lap. Sarah comes face to face with Paul (REMEMBER PAUL?) who chides her for getting involved with Castor in the first place. He equates his involvement with Castor as being exactly like what Sarah's trying to do for her sisters — she's trying to keep them safe. Except that she's now the one who needs saving.

Also, side note, I need a whole episode dedicated to Paul, and whatever the heck he's doing.

But back to Helena and her great escape. After an impressive feat involving smearing herself in butter, Helena's a free woman. She immediately makes it clear that she's leaving Sarah behind, and then she immediately kills the first guard who comes to check on them. Helena, never change.

She makes it as far as the highest point of the base, and she's just about to climb over the wall when the alarms for her escape are sounded. There's a little voice inside her head that says she should go back for Sarah. Then, there's the little scorpion voice inside her head that says it's time to GTFO and go at it alone.

Does she actually climb over the wall to freedom, or does she go back for her sestra? That's the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, with Helena still trying to decide what to do. Knowing her, she'll go back for her sister, though I'd understand if she didn't. But she loves Sarah, and she loves the family she had, even though her time with the other clones was incredibly short lived. Helena's still got a heart — though, it's a twisted one.

But remember back to the first episode of the season, where that scorpion told Helena that she was a "box trapped in a box trapped in a box?" I still think one of those boxes is the Project Castor base, so we've gotta see Helena escape it somehow. Hopefully, with Sarah.

Image: Steve Wilkie/BBC