Peggy Gets Her Happy Ending On 'Mad Men,' Right?

Let's not think of this as goodbye, let's think of it as, "see you later." So, Peggy Olsen, catch you on the flip side, because you're never going to truly leave us. Mad Men's look at the world of advertising, however, is now long gone. Matthew Weiner's opus wrapped up its seven-season run with a perfect Mad Men -y series finale, but like I've come to expect anything less from the show. Don aside, now let's turn to the real important person here, our spiritual guide and general life coach, Peggy. How did Mad Men end Peggy Olson's story? Our girl Peggy got exactly what she wanted out of life, which thankfully brought us the perfect closure we needed for this perfect person.

Peggy's working hard at McCann-Erickson, but when she's taken off an account she questions why. She's kind of given a blunt response, which leaves her miffed. So when Joan calls up, talking to Peggy about some freelance work for Dow that she's come across, Peggy is intrigued. Not only that, but Joan's got some big ideas — she's thinking about her own production company. She'd be producer, Peggy would be a partner, and the name? Harris-Olsen, since "you need two names" to make it real and official.

It's a pretty amazing offer. I mean, I was hoping for a Joan-Peggy spin-off this whole time, weren't you? This sounds like the perfect idea, so Peggy consults her best friend, Stan, about it. She's a little bit drunk (maybe? We don't know how drunk she is) and she and Stan kinda exchange some harsh words. She wants to take the job, but Stan doesn't want to see her go, though he doesn't exactly say those words. He storms out either way, leaving Peggy alone.

Then, the Mad Men scene I've been waiting roughly three or four seasons for, Peggy and Stan have one of their usual phone conversations. I've loved these phone conversations so much. (Remember, she used to call Stan up while she was away working with Ted at the rival firm? It was adorable every time.) One of these conversations happens again, and soon, their talk turns serious, as Stan professes his feelings for Peggy. And guess what? Peggy fells the same way! So for all those Peggy and Stan 'shippers out there, the boat just docked in the port — there is so much reason to celebrate. Someone get some champagne. Stat.

In the end, Peggy doesn't go off to work with Joan. (Drat!) She stays at McCann, but you know that if she ever decides to leave, Joan will happily take her for whatever she wants to do. Peggy's still got the rest of her life in front of her, to continue to rise in the ranks at work, and have a life with Stan. He even said it to her earlier in the episode, that there's more to life than just work — something Peggy hasn't been taking to heart, and something it's taken her mentor, Don, until this episode to realize while staring into the ocean.

Finally, after seven seasons, Peggy has found that balance between life and work. She's happy with both. I'm happy for her. Her conclusion was perfect and succinct, but she's still a busy lady who someday, people will be proud to say they've worked for (aww, thanks, Pete). Now, it's time for Peggy to get back to work.

Image: Justina Mintz, James Minchin III/AMC