Cuddling Cat Brothers Are Basically Making Out

by Jamie Kenney

I've had cats my whole life and in that time, I've developed a couple of theories about them. For starters, you know how cats always try to curl up on your books while you have them open? It's because they're trying to learn how to read, which is bad news, guys. If they can read, they can organize, and if they can organize, they can rule us completely. Another theory: Cats either like humans or they like other cats. Clearly, brothers Seamus and Angus are cats who like cats... maybe a little too much? Their cuddling is adorable until it takes a—how shall we say?—Game of Thrones kind of turn. (But even after one cat demonstrates the ferocity of his love, it's still pretty adorable because they're enormous smoosh-face cats.) Like, even Jaime and Cersei Lannister would watch this video and be like "Seamus, Angus, a little propriety, dudes. Maybe take it down a notch."

Another theory I have about kitties is demonstrated in this video: Nothing stands between a cat and what he wants. Not taboos about making out with your brother, not a human filming you. Felines are above the laws of man and God, and certainly above any sense of shame.

You can find their full cuddle session in the video below. (It's safe for work because, I mean, they're kissing cats.)

Image: YouTube