11 Beauty Products For Air Travel Because Surviving 8 Hours Or More On An Airplane Is No Easy Feat

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On every flight I've ever been on, travel sized beauty products have been a godsend. Between the long hours on the plane and the layovers in between, airplane travel can be exhausting.

It's also not easy on the skin. The cabin air is dry, and the hours spent traveling cause your makeup to fade and give you an overall unrefreshed feeling. Unfortunately, there's not plenty of opportunity to wash your face, brush your teeth, or any other general grooming you're dying to do, either.

Last summer, I went to India and spent over 24 hours straight on planes and buses. By the time we finally arrived at our destination, I felt absolutely icky and in need of a shower/facial/massage. This was my first international flight. I was grossly underprepared, and ended up packing more books and magazines in my carry-on than some much needed beauty essentials. Since then, I’ve been on many mini-vacations and road trips, and have established a pretty solid list of beauty essentials I never go without.

Included in this slideshow are some of the beauty products I consider my “essentials,” as well as products I wish I had with me during those many flights to and from India. Take notes, you’ll thank me later!

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