Yet Another Insanely Ignorant Costume

It’s November, so you’d think we’d be finally free of the offensive Halloween costumes that have characterized this year. From Julianne Hough to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman debacle to the bloody Boston Marathoner, it was awful but it’s over, right? Time to move on to thoughts of Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes, right? Well, apparently, Halloween isn’t done with us yet. The parade of awful costumes continues, with two young women who went to a nightclub in the UK on October 31st to show off their Twin Towers costumes.

To make matters even worse, if that were possible, they actually won the costume contest that night. That’s right, two girls, labeled North Tower and South Tower with planes crashing into them and even tiny model people falling to their deaths, won a costume contest. For a category that wasn’t “Most Insensitive.” So clearly they weren’t the only ones exercising awful judgment that night. But at least the nightclub has apologized. Sort of.

Meanwhile, over on this side of the Atlantic, one Virginia mother allowed her seven year old son to dress in a KKK costume because of “tradition.” Yeah…so, post-racist America, everybody! We set the best example for our kids.

But seriously, this is the last of it, right? There will be no more offensive Halloween costumes this year, right? Right?


Image: Wikipedia Commons