9 Ways To Style Shorts This Summer

You guys, summer is officially in the air. Cotton candy colored dresses are neatly hanging in our closets, the newest summer shoe trends are being weighed and measured, and summer shorts styling tips are being perused. In between all the sartorial goodness are evening walks in warm summer breezes, late dinners on patio decks, and pizza shaped floaties inside cool blue pools. Your dresses match the colors of beach balls and your lipsticks are the shades of popsicles, and you feel pretty confident you have this summer-vibing thing down pat.

And while I have no doubt that that's true, it's always nice to pick up a few new ideas and tips here and there. Especially when it comes to a tricky piece like the infamous summer staple a lot of us love to hate: The short shorts. I say infamous because the majority of shorts in stores are now the size of hand towels and seem to offer just as much coverage. So while it can be a little intimidating baring so much skin on a leisurely Sunday walk to brunch, it doesn't have to be if you know how to style the piece. If there's a will there's a way, and there are many clever styling tips you can use to make yourself feel more comfortable inside the short hems. Below are nine crafty tips on how to style summer short shorts this season!

1. Pair Them With Shell Tops

Whether they're sleeveless or crop tops, with cap sleeves or boat necks, shell tops are very in this season and they go with everything. They look especially great paired with shorts because the rigid-like structure helps balance out the short hem of the pants. Since they have a sturdy feel to them, they help weigh down the flirtiness of the shorts and give you a more covered-up feel.

2. Add A Knot

Speaking of flirtiness, a great way to add a touch of fun to your look is to bypass tucking in your shirt and knotting it at the hem instead. It adds a little something extra to the look and gives off a playful, girly vibe.

3. Bootie Sandals Are Your New Best Friends

The issue a lot of women have with shorts is that they feel too naked — it's just legs for days and not all of us are comfortable flaunting it. A great way to give yourself a touch of modesty is to anchor down the look with shoes. If you wear flip flops or strappy little sandals, more of your foot is exposed and your leg appears longer. But if you cut it off at the ankle with a bootie sandal or a shoe that has a strap running across the ankle, then the eye will immediately be dragged down to that detail and you'll feel less undressed. It's a great way to add more coverage in weather that won't let you add more clothes!

4. Give Yourself A Layer

When we're in the middle of summer and the temperatures start creeping into the triple digits, the last thing anybody wants to do is add an extra layer. That's just asking for heat stroke. But there are a few clever ways you can incorporate layers into your look without melting into a puddle. One of these ways is to tie a cardigan around your waist, giving you a chance to add a fun pop or color or pattern to your look.

5. Find A Baggy, Loose Top

You know how you could stop fidgeting with the length of your pants? By being completely comfortable with the rest of your outfit. Opt for a loose, boho-like top to give your look a laid back beachy vibe that's as chic as it is comfy.

6. Pop On A Turtleneck

Whether it's long sleeve or sleeveless, the covered chest and neck will add a nice contrast against the short hem of the shorts.

7. Go Classy With A Button Down

If you feel like shorts aren't your thing because they're just not sharp enough, try dressing them up with classic staples like oxford shirts or summer button downs. They'll add a sophisticated and minimalist touch to a playful pair of summer shorts and will help you bring your own style to a trend that might not exactly fit your tastes to a T.

8. Play Down Rips With Minimalism

To avoid looking like a Jersey Shore extra, give shredded jeans a tasteful touch by pairing them with clean, minimalist basics. Break out the white tees and the leather jackets; the nudes and black color palettes. The sleek pieces will help make the tears look more chic and subdued.

9. Find Two-Pieces!

While shorts might not be everybody's forte, two pieces definitely are. And the best part? They take out all the guess work in styling — you already have a ready, pre-made outfit! Just choose a pair of fun shoes and you're out the door.

Images: curves_is_the_movement (3), modcloth, bossbabelifestyle, sharmtoaster, wewomenusa, oldnavy, qdresscode, rrrstylings/Instagram