When Does 'The Flash' Season 2 Premiere? If Only We Could Time Travel To Barry's Next Adventure

After watching the incredible first season of The Flash avoid almost all of the pitfalls of a rookie show, there was no doubt that the CW would bring it back. Now it's just about when The Flash Season 2 will premiere, because the finale is sure to have plenty of cliffhangers that will make it impossible to wait for the next episode. Unfortunately, even though the wait will be difficult, it won't return until the fall season begins, along with the rest of the CW's shows. It hasn't announced The Flash's premiere date just yet, but it can be expected sometime in the early fall, between September and the first week in October, which is when the pilot aired. [UPDATE: The CW has announced that The Flash will premiere on Oct. 6.]

But whenever the next season of The Flash premieres, it won't be soon enough. This show has built such interesting characters, and keeps putting them in dangerous situations that seem almost impossible to get out of, so I'm sure that whatever they come up with to end the season will nearly kill us.

And, making it even harder to wait for the fall premiere, there have been a ton of teases for Season 2 that the cast and writers have let slip while promoting the end of the first season. There are things that have to happen by the time the second season ends, and looking forward to them will surely be the only way to survive the hiatus.

Caitlin & Cisco's Transformation

At this point, it's clear that we're heading towards Caitlin Snow becoming the super-evil Killer Frost, and Cisco becoming Vibe at some point in The Flash 's future. Will they undergo a villainous transformation? Will they resemble the comics, or will The Flash hop into another dimension to find evil versions of two of the sweetest supporting characters? Hopefully, Season 2 will begin to answer those questions.

More DC Crossovers

The DC television universe is expanding again, with the new show Legends of Tomorrow slated for midseason (winter 2016). And since The Flash got its start when Barry was written into Arrow and Atom has already appeared on Arrow as well, it stands to reason that The Flash will continue to share characters and episodes with the other shows on the network.

And Possibly A Smallville Crossover

There's been a rumor going around Reddit that Tom Welling, my eighth grade crush, might appear on Season 2 of The Flash . While there's absolutely no proof that it's true, I love the idea of incorporating the Smallville-verse into the current DC television universe. For those who were otherwise busy in 2004, Smallville was the very first DC show to appear on CW, and told the story of young Superman. Establishing Welling as the Superman in The Flash-universe would be amazing. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem very likely, as the rumor was retracted by DC Comics Movie, who had the original scoop from Reddit user C.C. City. But stranger things have happened than a network changing its mind!


Rumored to be a possibility for the big ending of the Season 1 finale, the Flashpoint story in DC Comics finds Barry Allen waking up in a totally different version of Central City, where the Flash is evil and Captain Cold is the hero. It could be a way to instantly change the stakes for Season 2 without needing to cast a whole new group of characters.

Harrison Wells

Ever since the very first episode of The Flash, when it was revealed that Wells had knowledge of the future, he's been the ultimate wild card. He could banish Barry to the Flashpoint-verse, create another dozen villains, or disappear into a cloud of smoke. Anything is possible when Harrison Wells is involved, which means just about anything is possible for Season 2 of The Flash.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; Giphy (4); TheFlashSource/Tumblr