Oreo's Newest Flavor Is PERFECT For Summer

by Pamela J. Hobart

Are you bored with traditional summer snack fare? Got a soft spot for desserts? Do you wish it were a little bit easier to blaze up the campfire and toast a few marshmallows? Have no fear, because s'mores Oreos are here for a limited time only starting May 22, and if that doesn't sweeten up your summer, nothing will. They're definitely not Oreo's first foray into novelty flavored cookies, and you can bet your sweet tooth they won't be the last, but s'mores Oreos are a strong contender for best snack food of the season, if you ask me.

These naturally and artificially flavored goodies allegedly weren't supposed to hit shelves until May 22nd, but it seems that retailers have had a hard time keeping these things under wraps. Preliminary reviews of the s'mores Oreo are mixed, but there's definitely no substitute for trying something for yourself, so I'd encourage you to do so. I'm hoping the s'mores Oreo will be available in a six-cookie snack pack, because I'm not sure I need several dozen of them beckoning from my out-of-sight-not-really-out-of-mind snack shelf, but if it comes to that you can still count me in. With chocolate and marshmallow cream squished between two graham cracker cookies, you know you're in for a good time.

It started when Oreo appeared to announce the s'mores flavor with a cryptic tweet...

Some shoppers remain skeptical...

But other Oreo lovers have dug right in.

Obviously, Oreo missed the mark with the name, as a number of Twitter critics have pointed out.

And of course there are the cynics who you'll never please.

Yes, yes, we know that Starbucks has a s'mores-flavored Frappuccino right now, and don't forget the OG of s'mores flavored treats — my personal favorite, the s'mores Poptart. But there's always room for innovation in the foods-that-taste-like-other foods category, so bring on the s'mOreos.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy