Where Is Ryan Seacrest During The Billboard Music Awards? Obviously, He's Busy Starring In The "Bad Blood" Music Video

I love watching the red carpet on E! for every major award show ever, but part of what makes watching it so magical is the irreplaceable Ryan Seacrest. However, on Sunday, at the Billboard Music Awards, something terrible happened. Or, rather, something didn't happen and that was terrible. Ryan Seacrest isn't at the Billboard Music Awards, leaving Giuliana Rancic to host alongside Flula Borg (of Pitch Perfect 2 fame) and Terrence J. As much as I love Borg, and as admirable a job as Terrence J tried to do to pick up the slack, neither of them are Seacrest. Seriously, where is Seacrest and why isn't the answer "on the red carpet at the BBMAs?"

If his Twitter is to be believed, the real answer is starring in the "Bad Blood" music video. Except not really. When Live On The Red Carpet began, Seacrest tweeted a mock poster of himself and Ellen K on a "Bad Blood"-style poster, mocking the fact that Taylor Swift has enlisted half of Hollywood to star in the highly anticipated music video. He captioned it with an assurance to his followers that it was just a joke, but I sort of wish that it wasn't if only because that would definitely be a good excuse to be missing the BBMAs red carpet.

So where is he really? That is less clear. Most of Seacrest's recent tweets have to do with either American Idol — which aired its finale last week — or his charity work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which hosted an event on Saturday at Levine's Childrens Hospital in Charlotte, North Caroline. Maybe Seacrest just needed to get some rest between that and BBMAs, or maybe he has something a little more important to be doing than interviewing celebs on the red carpet AGAIN, but he is definitely missed.

However, not being there to host the BBMAs hasn't stopped him from doing his job — promoting the heck out of the E! Network. Seacrest isn't at the BBMAs, but he is on Twitter, promoting "Bad Blood," as listed above, and promoting the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's Bruce Jenner special that is also slated to air on Sunday.

Clearly Seacrest is a workaholic, but I'm certainly not going to complain. In between wishing that he really was starring as 2 Painz in Swift's music video, fans can remain assured that we don't actually have to do without Seacrest on Sunday night. We might not be able to look at him, but social media means that we can pretend that he is talking to us as we continue on through the BBMAs.