Every Swifty Movie Reference In "Bad Blood"

It's easy to be nothing short of thrilled for the Taylor Swift video for "Bad Blood." Not only does Taylor include a slate of kickass women that I can barely even handle, she's also changed what it means for a pop star to make a music video. "Bad Blood" is more action-sci-fi than sexy romp, and while Taylor and her pals all look incredibly sexy, that's just because they all are. The video doesn't feel oversexualized, or even all that sexualized. It feels far more focused on whatever space war these powerful ladies are engaged in. Of course, there were also quite a few places where it's was obvious that Taylor and co were inspired by beloved movies.

It wasn't just the costumes or the backgrounds, it was every little piece of Taylor's masterpiece. Clearly, homegirl has been watching some seriously badass movies and she's let them inspire her. And while I would probably am going to regret not taking this time to write my own action-packed screenplay inspired by this music video (don't worry, I'm OK knowing I'll be kicking myself later), it's probably worth it to pick the video apart and point out the boldest movie references in "Bad Blood."

1. Leeloo from The Fifth Element

Tell me Taylor isn't wearing the same bandaid outfit at the outset of "Bad Blood."

Also this gal (Hayley Williams of Paramore dons a blue version of Leelo's outfit with the signature orange locks):

2. Tron Light Cycles

Taylor's a braver woman than I am. Those bikes play for KEEPS, man.

3. The Hunger Games Fight Training

Anyone getting serious Joanna vibes from all that knife throwing?

4. James Bond's Invisible Car

Q would be proud.

5. Divergent Fisticuffs

I'm a little glad Miles Teller wasn't involved in this round.

6. A Goldeneye Baddie

Lena rocked the hell out of this look.

7. That Kill Bill Katana

The Bride would approve... she'd also probably see some familiar fight in this snow scene:

8. Star Wars Decor

Those hallways look like they belong on the Death Star.

9. The Expendables Poster

I kinda prefer the Taylor version.

10. The Borg From Star Trek: First Contact

Taylor's moment with Hailee Steinfeld's robot triplets is so very Borg, just with a Taylor twist. Trust me on this one.

Of course, there are probably a million more that I missed in all the excitement, so excuse me while I watch this about 100 more times.

Images: Columbia Pictures; Taylor Swift/Vevo (12); Lionsgate