Will Littlefinger Kill Sansa On 'Game Of Thrones'? Peytr Baelish Just Made A Hefty Promise To Queen Mother Cersei

As you all well know, we're completely off-book when it comes to Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark. Her fate is one of the most uncertain on the series, considering that she's borrowing her storyline from another character entirely. Now that she's agreed to put up with marrying the wretched Ramsay Bolton nee Snow, Sansa seems to have some opportunity before her: As Littlefinger said, should Stannis win, Sansa could likely end up as Wardenness of The North. Then the slimy Peytr Baelish had to go and visit Cersei, promise to take out Sansa (who he revealed is alive and well at Winterfell), and request that Cersei make him Ward of the North. But would Littlefinger really kill Sansa? Isn't he kind of in love with her?

Well, let's acknowledge this: Littlefinger has allegiance to absolutely no one. So Littlefinger is going to do whatever makes Littlefinger happy. Even if that means killing the last known living Stark.

But don't worry just yet: Littlefinger having no allegiance to anyone also means that he lies to everyone. Including Cersei. It's entirely possible that Littlefinger is telling Cersei whatever she wants to hear in order to get his title — that is how he operates in every corner of his life, after all. And if he's able to pull the wool over Cersei's eyes and keep Sansa with him at Winterfell once he takes ownership, well, that wouldn't be all that surprising now would it?

I'm still very worried about Sansa — I think she's almost ready to be the autonomous boss of a lady that Littlefinger told her to be. But I worry that she came to trust Littlefinger a little too much. I'm fairly certain he won't kill her for Cersei, but I'm also not entirely certain that he's got her best interest at heart.

Image: Courtesy of HBO