Billboard Music Awards Honor B.B. King In A Simple & Touching Way

The music industry lost a king on May 14 when "The King of Blues," B.B. King passed away peacefully in his sleep at age 89. With the Billboard Music Awards coming only days after B.B. King's death, the question of how the awards show would honor the late singer was definitely in the back of many fans' minds. On Sunday, the Billboard Music Awards honored B.B. King in a very classy, simple way, and it was perfect.

While I get the idea behind long tributes, sometimes it's nice to see a heartfelt, non-glitzy tribute to someone who has changed so much in music. Co-host Ludacris appeared on stage, with King's music playing in the background and a photo on the big screen, and paid tribute to "The King of Blues," saying,

Although he came from humble roots in Mississippi, B.B. King became music royalty with the sound he made on his legendary guitar, Lucille. On Thursday, right here in Las Vegas, B.B. King passed on. But as long as we can all here his music, the thrill will never be gone. God bless B.B. King.

It was a very short, simple, and to the point tribute. It wasn't filled with videos, photos, or fluff. It was touching and heartfelt, which feels incredibly important when you're dealing with the lose of someone as iconic as B.B. King.