Calvin Harris Kisses Taylor Swift On The Cheek At The Billboard Music Awards & We're Even More Invested In This Couple — VIDEO

The 2015 Billboard Awards on Sunday, May 17 proved to be quite the night for Taylor Swift. Not only did she kick off the show with the premiere of Swift's music video "Bad Blood," which starred pretty much ever A-list celebrity in existence (we get it, Swift, you have a lot of friends), but it wasn't long into the show that she nabbed the trophy for Billboard 200 Album. A few more incredible things happened throughout the course of the awards, and then Swift gleaned another coveted award — Top Female Artist. All these successes are well and good, and Swift deserves tons of accolades. However, one thing that people were especially focused on were Swift's interactions with rumored boyfriend/amazing hit-maker, Calvin Harris.

When Swift wasn't dancing up a storm to each and every performance, she was standing/sitting oh-so-close to that tall drink of water, Harris. There were a few interactions that seemed way too cozy to be considered platonic. Case-in-point: Harris gave Swift a smooch (on the cheek, calm down) when she received her first award of the night, and quite the lingering hug (did someone say "back rub?!") when she won Top Female Artist. Swift also hugged all her friends once more when she won a third award (shocker), the coveted Billboard Achievement, and ran back around to give Harris yet another embrace.

During this third exchange, I'm pretty sure he kissed her hair, which took things to a whole new level. Basically, Twitter is exploding over this, and understandably so. Check out the first interaction here:

It almost looks like Swift is going to snub her (not-as-yet-confirmed) man as she goes to hug it out with her long line of friends, but WAIT. She wraps back around to give Harris quite the hug and gets a smooch. Let's take a look at Exhibit B:

Finally, let's check out that hair smooch:

Yeah. If these two aren't dating yet, it is my humble opinion that they totally should be and yes, I may be a bit too invested in this.