Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video Is Here

After what feels like a decade of waiting, the highly-anticipated Taylor Swift music video for "Bad Blood" premiered at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 17. For over a week, Swift has been appropriately encouraging fervor over the music video by peppering her Instagram and Twitter accounts with images of herself and a slew of A-listers that would be making appearances in the music video. As far as celebrities go, Swift has definitely garnered a reputation as one that is as sweet as they come, shown best in her sheer amount of BFFs, and some phenomenal acts of compassion for her fans. However, the friendly country-turned-pop star has definitely enjoyed foraying into some feisty and darker territory as far as her music videos are concerned.

Well, the video premiered, and, if your mind wasn't exploding during the entire thing, CONGRATS — you're one of the few. Basically, the video starts with Swift and Selena Gomez (who star as Catastrophe and Arsyn, respectively). They are fighting a slew of suited office workers until Gomez kicks Swift out of a window, where she lands on a car. It's all good, though, since she clearly lives long enough to start to sing the chorus of the song.

I originally thought the video was going to have a Sin City vibe, but, as we switch to Kendrick Lamar rapping and Lena Dunham smoking a cigar, things go full-on Matrix. Each of the previously teased A-listers that were set to appear in the video emerge one by one, polishing rifles, and so they can teach Swift how to fight well enough to get her revenge against Arsyn for her epic betrayal.

In the video for "Blank Space," Swift utilized her acting chops to play a jilted girlfriend that sets out to destroy all her boyfriend's prized possessions once his innocent actions cause her to reveal herself as "a nightmare dressed like a daydream." "Bad Blood" took Swift's villainous persona one step (ten steps?) further, as it showcased Swift and co. as assassins with plenty of Sin City and Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill, anyone?) inspiration.

The finale includes Swift and her famous besties in a line while a building bursts into mushroom clouds of smoke and flame behind them. They are gearing up for an epic battle that the audience never actually gets to see as the video ends there. Honestly guys, I'm not even sure what just happened. I know there was a lot of flips, explosions, surprise rap segments, and a ton of cool outfits. I think I enjoyed it?

Check out the video below.

Image: Getty Images