Kendall & Kylie Jenner Are Booed At The Billboard Music Awards & It Is Totally Uncalled For — VIDEO

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards aired on Sunday, May 17, and for the most part, performances, award presentations, and even introductions were met with raucous applause. There was one point during the night's conclusion, however, when the audience's regaling quickly turned into boos as Kendall and Kylie Jenner took the Billboard Music Awards stage to introduce the final performance of the night by rapper — and brother-in-law to the girls — Kanye West. While Kendall started by saying, "I'd like to introduce this great artist, a friend," some very noticeable "boos" could be heard erupting from the audience.

Luckily, not everyone in the audience was rude, as cheers and applause quickly picked up to drown out the boos. Within a few seconds it was over, as the Jenners finished their introduction and the cameras panned over to a pyrotechnic spectacle that was West's performance, which instantaneously became enveloped both by smoke and a smorgasbord of censoring that lasted so long, I thought something was going haywire with the sound on my TV. The audience seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly, however — especially Jennifer Lopez — and Yeezus didn't suffer the same fate as his sisters-in-law, the conclusion of his performance being met with nothing but cheers.

Watch the audience's completely inappropriate reaction to Kendall and Kylie below.

The Jenner sisters being booed has been met with mixed reactions on Twitter. Some, unfortunately, decided to join in the jeering by poking fun at the incident, but others found it to be completely uncalled for and came to the Jenners' defense.

I'm going to side with those reprimanding the boo-ers, like the Twitter users above, since there is absolutely no reason to "boo" someone for simply introducing a performance. Kendall and Kylie didn't say anything inflammatory or offensive, they were just trying to get the crowd excited for West's performance. I hope the next time they address a crowd, they are treated with the respect they deserve.